Hamilton NZPC Site Page

The next NZ Programming Contest is Saturday September 10th, 2022.

For general information about the NZ Programming Contest see the official website maintained by NZ contest director Phil Robbins.

The University of Waikato will host the Hamilton site in R block.

The registration and contest system is at https://domserver.csse.canterbury.ac.nz/.

Team managers can reserve slots for their teams using the team reservation form, but it's okay to just turn up on the day.

COVID-19 information

If you experience symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend.

Masks are recommended, except when the team is sitting at their workstation. (When sitting at the workstation, it is up to the team to decide whether to wear masks.)

Unofficial online participation

Teams that are unable to compete on-site may participate online by registering in the category "Online (Unofficial)", however they will not be eligible to be declared winners.


12:30pm Registration and briefing
Welcome Video by Phil Robbins (can be watched at any time; recommended for newcomers).
12:45pm - 1:45pm Practice Session
The online judging software will run in practice mode with some example problems. This is an opportunity to learn how the judging system works and check that you can successfully submit solutions to problems.
2:00pm - 7:00pm The Contest
The online judging software will run in contest mode and the problem set will become available. An online scoreboard of all the teams will be displayed in the first four hours, but will freeze in the last hour (teams will only be able to see the results of their own submissions, to create a little suspense before the results are announced).
Snacks and soft drinks will be provided.
7pm - 8pm Pizza and debrief
7:30pm The country-wide results are usually announced around this time.

Programming language availability

The following languages are available: C++, Java, Python, C#.

For more information

Contact Tom Levy.